Helmet Creek Technologies

Helmet Creek Technologies is owned and operated by Ken Westra, PhD, PEng, who has over 30 years of experience in micro and nano fabrication and both industrial and academic experience developing various MEMS and thin film devices.

Dr. Westra has worked with numerous companies on process improvements and is a founding director of the University of Alberta nanoFAB, a national, open-access training, service, and collaboration centre, focused on academic and industrial applications in micro- and nanoscale fabrication and characterization, where he has developed and taught fabrication courses and taught/mentored technologists.

The construction of the Kingston Nanofabrication Facility and the University of Windsor Microfabrication Facility and the renewal of the McGill MicroFab have all benefited from Dr. Westra’s consulting expertise.

Dr. Westra also developed fast prototypes of H2S analysis platform and a rugged field spectrometer.

The facility used by Helmet Creek Technologies has over 200 tools for micro and nano fabrication, including a full suite of surface science tools.